Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Ohana FamilyInsight

Today, Ohana Software announced their latest MAJOR update. You may now use PAF and Family Tree Maker 2010 files with FamilyInsight without the need of a GEDCOM file. We will be compatible with 2011 when that version of Family Tree Maker is released very soon. Ancestral Quest and RootsMagic users can join us in beta testing FamilyInsight for that program. Legacy users, please don't loose heart, the ability to read a Legacy file is under development. We hope to develop the ability to work with other programs, too. If you are interested in helping us with our beta testing, please send an email to telling us which program you use and would like to help test with.
To use these additional program files in FamilyInsight, you will simply open FamilyInsight from the desktop icon and select your Family Tree Maker (.ftm), Ancestral Quest (.aq), RootsMagic (.rmg) or Legacy (.fbd) file. Remember, no GEDCOM is needed!
The gift of choice is now yours. You may continue using PAF and FamilyInsight but if you choose to try other software programs FamilyInsight will be able to read their files without creating a GEDCOM. Because of the relationship we have with these other companies we can now offer you their products bundled with FamilyInsight at a discount. We currently sell Family Tree Maker 2011 as pre-order for when it is released , Ancestral Quest 12, RootsMagic 4 and Legacy 7 on our website. Look for our bundles and save! Change is GREAT!
~Cina Johnson~